Sweet Tea Hi-Ball

The combination of iced tea steeped with sugar, known as Sweet Tea, is a southern classic. This light and effervescent whiskey highball does a remarkable job of mimicking the flavors while adding an alcohol component.

Black tea and a rich lemon simple syrup take the edge off of the rye base.  Infusing the tea into the whiskey is a snap, and the rich 2:1 simple syrup has an extended shelf life in the fridge, making this highball easy to pull together last-minute or several days in advance!


  • 1 oz Black-Tea Infused Jim Beam Rye *
  • ½ oz Lemon Syrup **
  • Club Soda

* To make Black-Tea Infused Rye: steep 10 bags of black tea in a bottle of Jim Beam Rye for 20 minutes, then remove.

** To make Lemon Syrup: combine 2 cups of sugar, 1 cup of water, and the peels of 4 lemons in a saucepan; heat until sugar is dissolved. Steep with 1 ounce of ginger peach tea leaves for 20 minutes and strain to remove.


Add all ingredients to a high ball glass filled with ice, and top with club soda.  Garnish with lemon wheel


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