Mike Augustyniak

Mike Augustyniak
If your organization is ignoring climate change it’s leaving money on the table.

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I’m a meteorologist who has been studying and talking about climate change on local and national television for nearly 20 years. My experience tells me that climate change is not a political issue; it is an economic issue that impacts all of society.

Going beyond the science, I use an inclusive approach to explain how the changing climate is already affecting us — from our health, to our food, to our hobbies and household budgets.

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A nationwide survey revealed that a majority of American consumers prefer to do business with a climate-conscious organization, and will punish those that are not.

The American Marketing Association says Millennials alone account for $2.45 trillion in purchasing power, and that 70 percent of them will spend more on brands supporting causes they care about.

The Harvard Business Review found that, in just the world’s 301 major cities, $2.2 trillion of economic output is at risk from climate change through the year 2025.

These are powerful motivators to begin thinking and acting greener.


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