Whisky Highball

Containing one spirit and one mixer, there is no simpler cocktail than the classic highball.  Designed to "stretch" the spirit out by adding dilution and volume, highballs lower the proof of the cocktail, and highlight subtleties in the spirit.

Here, Luxury Specialist Joshua Augustin of Beam Suntory introduces us to Yamazaki 12, a Japanese single malt whisky.  Japanese whiskys are known for their subtler and more nuanced flavor than their American and Scotch counterparts, and have become so popular worldwide that a limited amount is available in the United States each year.

With a spare recipe such as this one, the quality and flavor of the water matter.  Experiment with both sparkling and flat options, keeping in mind that the inherent nuance will shine through.



Add the whisky to a highball glass containing several large ice cubes; then, top with mineral water.  Stir gently to combine.