You Scratched My Anchor!

This is the ultimate cocktail for a road trip.  You can make it with only 4 ingredients (two of which are garnish), or go for a show and add a little fire and high-proof herbal liqueur.

Pimms #1 is a gin-based liqueur infused with herbs and spices, and is the closest thing to a cocktail in a bottle you can buy.  Paired here with 612Brew's Unrated Rye (one to please the hopheads) this "beer cocktail" is higher in proof than you may be used to.  Honey and lemon sweeten and brighten the cocktail to fit anyone's palette.

If you're up for a show, float some Green Chartreuse—or, better yet, some Minneapolis-made Norseman Olympia—and light it on fire to caramelize the honey and release mint and rosemary notes.



Pour Pimms #1 into a lowball glass over ice. Fill remainder of glass with Unrated Rye IPA from 612 Brew.  Dip a rip of lemon peel into honey as garnish.  OPTIONAL: float Norseman Olympia (or Green Chartreuse) into lemon peel “boat” and ignite.  Allow to burn until extinguished, and then use peel to stir cocktail and incorporate flavors.


Green Lantern St. Paul is a craft cocktail bar serving beer, wine, and small bites, underneath Public Kitchen + Bar.  It's modeled after the Green Lantern Saloon which, in the late 1920’s, was "where the best stickup men in America came to commiserate over drinks and share stories of life on the run."

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