Dill Caipirinha

The Caipirinha -- pronounced kai-pur-EEN-yah -- is the national drink of Brazil, made from a type of earthy rum called cachaça.  It has some of the qualities of an herbaceous rum-based mojito, but also the lime and earthy funk of a margarita, made with reposado tequila.

Rather than muddling herbs, this Minnesota-fied caipirinha uses a type of Nordic gin that is infused with the flavor from pounds of fresh-cut dill.  The result is an even brighter, less citrus-forward version of Brazil's pride. 



Add Aquavit, simple syrup, and lime to a shaker tin; muddle ingredients briefly. Give an extended shake over ice, breaking ice down into tiny pieces.  Pour into a lowball glass, and garnish with fresh dill. 


Mercy opens on April 1st in the old Marin space, inside the Le Meridien Chambers hotel.  A casual, cabin feel will accompany a menu that will highlight several different types of oysters, crab, as well as land-based dishes.  Keith Werner brings years of experience at Eat Street Social to bear on his new cocktail menu; that’s seasonal, whimsical, and features several craft non-alcoholic beverages.