Flaming Margarita

Margaritas are made with tequila, and that's that.  Until they're not.

Leave it to Minnesota's first brewery-distillery to turn the Mexican classic on it's ear by substituting rum for tequila.  While not technically a Margarita, Bent Brewstillery's "Flaming Margarita" is in the same cocktail family (even though it's more apt to call the drink a "Flaming Rum Daisy").  Regardless, the split rum base brings an earthy funk to the cocktail that's common to reposado tequila-based Margaritas.

One part is Storm Bringer Rum, a spiced rum aged in bourbon barrels that are also used to age Bent Brewstillery's Dark Fatha stout.  The other part is the soon-to-be-released Flame Bringer Rum, which is aged in bourbon barrels that were also used to age Isabel Street Heat's sriracha.

The result is a confluence of flavors that hint at both stout and bourbon, and a hint of tangy, peppery heat.



Muddle a lime wheel in the bottom of a lowball glass, taking care not to crush the pith.  Add remaining ingredients.  Add ice, and garnish with remaining lime wheel.


Bent Brewstillery is Minnesota's first combination brewery and distillery.  Behind the taproom and cocktail room in front, fermentation, distillation, and barrel aging cross-pollinates from spirits, to beer, and back again.  The resulting flavors and infusions are uniquely Bent.


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