North Star Hot Toddy

A hot toddy can be made many different ways -- whiskey, Scotch, water, tea.  This recipe from Bittercube Bitters director of training Marco Zappia hits all the right notes, in my book.

Whereas, when heated, some spirits will catch in the back of your throat, The Famous Grouse Scotch Whisky takes well to the heat.  It's a moderately peaty blended Scotch whisky; mild in flavor, overall. Combined with The Owl's Brew Mint Tea -- developed with cocktails in mind -- ginger syrup, and lemon garnish, it results in a light hot toddy with a citrus flavor that really brightens a cold, dark day.


* For ginger syrup: Cut unpeeled raw ginger into small pieces and boil to form ginger tea (use a tea ball; or, have a way to strain out the ginger pieces when you’re done). Add granulated sugar to the tea in a 1-to-1 ratio, stirring until it dissolves, to make ginger simple syrup.


Boil water and bring to a simmer. Place The Famous Grouse, ginger syrup, fresh lemon juice and bitters in a large tin, add simmering water to a smaller tin, placing the larger tin on top of the smaller tin, creating a poor man’s “bain marie.” Add remaining simmering water to mug to preheat glass.

Heat the Owl’s Brew tea on the stove and bring to 180 degrees, then add to rest of cocktail “bain marie” and stir together. Remove water from mug, pour contents from “bain marie” into a mug, garnish with mint leaf, star anise and lemon peel and serve.


Scena Tavern opened under the Walkway Residences in Uptown Minneapolis in December 2015. Their food and drink menu has an Italian influence; you’ll find 150 gins at the bar, as well as a global whisky program (including Scotch and Japanese whisky).

2943 Girard Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55408