Young Joni Old Fashioned

A true "Old-Fashioned cocktail" combines sugar, bitters, spirit, and a twist of citrus.  Any bar worth a visit has at least one rye- or bourbon-based Old Fashioned cocktail on its menu these days.  Some members of the Craft Cocktail 2.0 movement are stirring Old Fashioned cocktails with different base spirits for a riff on the classic that's still in keeping with the original formula.

Young Joni bar director Adam Gorski offers a cognac-based Old Fashioned that's nice and refreshing, yet a little lighter on the palette than those made with whiskey.


*To make Chamomile syrup; prepare Chamomile tea.  Add an equal part of sugar to the tea, and continue heating until sugar is dissolved.  Cool and use, or store.


Combine in a mixing glass, add ice, stir, strain over ice (a larger piece works the best for the longevity of the cocktail!). Garnish with an orange peel.


Young Joni is Pizzeria Lola owner Ann Kim's foray into Northeast Minneapolis.  The menu is filled with your favorite wood-fired pizza recipes from Lola's, wood-grilled meats, and Korean-inspired vegetable dishes.  The main bar serves twists on classic cocktails, and the back bar serves up more custom and intricate cocktails in a speakeasy setting.

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