Vintage Negroni

Pro tip #1: the easiest way to make your own custom version of a classic cocktail is to change out one ingredient, and adjust the ratio to taste.

Pro tip #2: buying the best version of that ingredient is sometimes the only substitution you need to make.

The Red Rabbit's Vintage Negroni does both.  It remains true to the cocktail's essence but makes use of one of the world's finest vermouths.  At approximately $35-$45 per 500ml it's priced like a fine wine; but, that's because it is.  It's produced from the world-famous Barolo wine, grown in Italy's Piedmont region.  Infused with quinine bark (the flavor in tonic water), rhubarb, and ginger, it's like it was made to pair with a straightforward gin like Letherbee.  By taking down the Campari ratio a bit, the result is a ruby-red, deeply flavored, and less-syrupy Negroni than you may be used to.



Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass over ice.  Stir for about 15 seconds to combine, chill, and dilute.  Serve in a lowball glass, straight-up, with an expressed orange peel as garnish.


Red Rabbit is the new pizza, pasta, and oysters restaurant from the team behind Red Cow.  The cocktail program focuses on amari, with 45 available on the back bar.

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