Knight Rider

This drink is essentially a Black Manhattan, which differs from a classic Manhattan by the addition of an Italian amaro.

Here the amaro of choice is Amaro Montenegro; in fact, in this case, it stands in for the bitters completely.  The amaro lends a sweeter flavor than the bitters it replaces, with herbal and eucalyptus notes.  The sweeter profile also allows the use of a more bitter vermouth, Punt E Mes.

The resulting flavor reminded me of a rye Old Fashioned, without the addition of sugar.  It's a smooth-drinking cocktail perfect for winter, but still light enough to accompany a heavy meal.



Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass over ice.  Stir for about 15 seconds to combine, chill, and dilute.  Serve in a lowball glass, straight-up, with an expressed orange peel as garnish.


Red Rabbit is the new pizza, pasta, and oysters restaurant from the team behind Red Cow.  The cocktail program focuses on amari, with 45 available on the back bar.

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