Land of Milk & Honey

Outside of the New York metro area most people haven't heard of a drink called an Egg Cream. While they're making a comeback, and migrating to areas like Philly and San Francisco, the Midwest is a bit of an egg-cream desert.  Until now.

While not a traditional recipe, the non-alcoholic "Land of Milk and Honey" mocktail on the brunch menu at Eat Street Social may be as close as you'll get around here.  It combines rich local honey and heavy cream with silky smooth nitro cold press coffee to evoke early 1900s Brooklyn.

The cold press is from Tiny Footprint -- the Brooklyn Center coffee company that uses some of it's profits to fund reforestation in Ecuador’s Mindo cloud forest.  To produce and distribute 1 pound of their coffee, 4 pounds of CO2 is generated; for every pound of Tiny Footprint coffee sold, they donate enough to plant trees that will, in time, remove 54 pounds of CO2.

If you access to nitro cold press on tap at home please call me; we should be friends, and you should invite me over.  If you don't, use canned nitro cold press coffee instead (like from Black Eye Coffee Roasters).



Shake honey, heavy cream, and bitters over ice, vigorously. Pour, ice and all, into a glass, and top with soda water and nitro cold press.


Eat Street Social celebrates new-wave craft cocktails and neighborhood fare in Minneapolis's Whittier neighborhood. Saturday & Sunday brunch is for parents, families, and kids alike, featuring brunch cocktails and several non-alcoholic brunch mocktails.

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