Contemporary Pastis Cocktail

To make a classic Pastis cocktail you only need two things: Ricard Pastis and water, combined in a 4:1 ratio. The spirit emerged in 1930s France, almost two decades after Absinthe was outlawed, and is flavored with star anise, a rare Oriental spice, and licorice from Syria.  Some of the ingredients of Pastis are soluble in alcohol but not in water; so, adding water to Pastis turns it from clear yellow to milky yellow in a process known as the ouzo effect or "louching."

The Contemporary Pastis Cocktail at Esker Grove users a rich simple syrup made from honey as a velvety sweetener, and hot green tea as the water component.  Serving the cocktail warm really wakes up the anise & licorice flavor, as the green tea enhances it.


  •  ¼  oz (fat) Honey syrup *
  • 1 ¼  oz Prince Pastis
  • 5 oz Green Tea (hot)

* To make honey syrup: stir 2 parts of hot water into 1 part honey


Add honey syrup and Pastis to a small Collins glass or coupe.  Slowly add the green tea, and watch the liquid become milky-cloudy.  Enjoy while warm.


Esker Grove is the bright, modern, airy cafe and dining room inside the Walker Art Center, overlooking the Sculpture Garden.  In addition to classic and contemporary cocktails, wine, beer, and Spyhouse coffee, chef Doug Flicker creates New American fare.

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