Carrot Mimosa

Carrots are one of the sweetest vegetables around, and they're starting to show up in more and more cocktails.  Think that's weird?  If so, may I remind you that you're already drinking tomato juice in your Bloody Mary?

Here carrot juice is combined with apple juice, in addition to the traditional orange juice, in a mimosa.  The addition of Aquavit -- a Nordic gin that is heavy on the caraway, itself a part of the carrot family -- lends a savory note to compliment the earthy carrot flavor.

While the Carrot Mimosa is featured on Cafe Alma's winter cocktail menu, it reminded me of summer; the vegetal flavor of fresh carrots just seems to match the bright-orange hue of the drink.  Try this one to brighten up a cold winter brunch.



Assemble all ingredients in a champagne or wine glass, in order.  Garnish with 2 micro carrots "planted" in the cocktail.


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