Autumn Tiki

Tiki torches burn brightest in summer but, with shorter days on the way, we can still hold on to those warm memories.

This spice-forward version of a tiki cocktail reverses the normal tiki equation (where sweet outshines spice by at least half).  Honey adds more depth than refined sugar, and the passion-grapefruit-lime combo is a little less syrupy than you might have become accustomed to with tiki.

This cocktail drops on Red Cow's new fall menu on Wednesday, at all three of their locations.


* To make passion fruit syrup: whisk 2 parts simple syrup to 3 parts passion fruit puree to combine

** To make honey syrup: combine 2 parts clover honey to 1 part water, and a pinch of kosher salt, over heat until salt is incorporated.


Combine all ingredients in a shaker tin over ice; shake, and pour ice & all into a tiki mug or highball glass.  Serve with a straw.


Red Cow has three locations in the Twin Cities -- North Loop Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Edina.  A full cocktail menu is available at all three locations.

(612) 767-4411 (Edina Location)