Carver County Nacional Punch

The classic Hotel Nacional is a rum-based cocktail containing apricot brandy or liqueur (depending on the recipe) that dates to the Prohibition era.  Chances are that Hemingway reclined at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba, in Havana, sipping one of these eponymous cocktails.

This update, from Spoon and Stable Bar Manager Robb Jones, makes use of vodka instead of rum; specifically J. Carver vodka, which has a hint of vanilla without being overtly VANILLA.  Rothman and Winter Apricot Liqueur provides the traditional apricot essence, and fresh pineapple juice makes this punch tropical and bright.



Combine in a punch bowl (or other large vessel) over ice, and stir.

Can be made up to 24 hours in advance.


Spoon and Stable's bar manager, Robert Jones, has created a celebrated menu of seasonal riffs on classic cocktails.  The Summer Sling will remain on tap through summer 2016.

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