This recipe was my first introduction to the Italian grappa known as Dimmi liqueur.  It’s easy-sipping, and can be served straight up and cold, like lemoncello.  It has notes of rhubarb, orange peel, apricot blossom, and peach.  Look for it at specialty liquor stores, including South Lyndale Liquors in Minneapolis.  

Here, combined with the fresh lime juice, it adds a mild, sweet, and fruity essence to the classic Southside cocktail that makes it a perfect pairing with the savory and mild flavors of brunch.


* To make basil oil: bring water to a boil, fill a pasta strainer with basil and submerge for 15 seconds to blanch basil. Remove basil from water and quickly submerge into a bath of ice and water to shock the basil. Remove from ice bath and ring out basil like a wet towel. Place basil into a blender with 1 or 2 very small cubes of ice and blend slowly adding a neutral oil. I prefer grape seed oil. Strain through chinois/fine mesh strainer


Start by gently muddling about 12 mint leaves in shaker tin. Add the other ingredients. Shake and double strain into a coupe glass.  Add 6 to 10 drops {about half of an eyedropper} of basil oil which will float on top of cocktail.

Alternatively, garnish with a basil leaf instead.


Lyn65 Restaurant & Bar is a dining and drinking oasis in an otherwise nondescript strip mall. The bar opens at 4pm; dinner is served beginning at 5pm. Sunday brunch begins at 10am.

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