Shoulda Been A Contender

Bartender Nathaniel Smith of Spoon & Stable in Minneapolis's North Loop loved the movie “Creed” this year.  He feels that, while Sylvester Stallone received a deserved Best Supporting Actor nomination, Michael B. Jordan and the movie itself should have been nominated as well.  Hence the cocktail named ‘Shoulda Been A Contender.’

Based on a classic bourbon drink, called a ‘Gold Rush,’ Nathaniel chose to use a 12-year blended Dewars Scotch whisky instead. The smoky flavor is balanced by the lemon juice, and tamed by the honey syrup.  A little kosher salt pairs well with the smoke from the scotch, in the way sea salt is often paired with chocolate.

For a little Oscars bling, don’t forget the edible gold leaf garnish, available at baking and craft stores.


* Make the honey simple syrup by dissolving honey in an equal part of hot water.


Shake all ingredients vigorously over ice; long enough to combine and chill ingredients, and to break up the gold leaf into small flecks.  Serve on the rocks, in a lowball glass.


Spoon and Stable represents the homecoming of world-renown chef Gavin Kaysen.  Bar manager Robert Jones and his staff serve up a celebrated menu of seasonal riffs on classic cocktails.

211 North First Street
Minneapolis, MN 55401
(612) 224-9850