6 Horse

Many fall cocktails rely on multi-layered spice for their flavor, and the 6 Horse by bartender Randy Gray is no exception.  In this case, though, the spice profile comes from just one ingredient; which makes the flavor complex, but the recipe simple.

The base for this cocktail is Amaro di Angostura, which is created by combining Angostura aromatic bitters with some neutral spirit and added spices.  At 35% alcohol by volume, the amaro makes this a low-proof cocktail that won't hit you too hard.

Whipped egg white provides body to the 6 Horse, giving it a smooth and velvety mouth feel, some color separation, and a frothy surface to which house-made apple bitters are applied.  Since it's textural as well as architectural, and safe to drink, don't skip the raw egg!


*Sour mix should be made and not bought; combine 2 parts simple syrup, 2 parts lemon juice, and 1 part lime juice. Store in refrigerator for up to several months.


Add all ingredients to a shaker tin, without ice.  "Dry" shake for 20 seconds or more to whip up the egg white.  Add ice to the tin, and shake for another 12-20 seconds to chill.
Strain into a glass, like a brandy snifter, and float bitters of your choice; Red Stag uses house-made apple bitters, but check out the new Dashfire Spiced Apple Bitters.


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