(Dash)Fire Squad

Cocktail bitters are the ingredients that make most of the drinks at Five Watt Coffee so unique, and that includes this week's recipe for the LP.  But, among bitters, those used in this week's recipe are, themselves, unique.

The "Mr. Lee's Ancient Chinese Secret Bitters" used in this drink are made locally by Lee Egbert, the founder of Dashfire Bitters who also co-owns the new 11 Wells Distillery in St. Paul.

Inspired by time spent in China and the abundant flavors and spices from that part of the world, Mr. Lee’s Ancient Chinese Secret Bitters combine flavors like ginger with a subtle taste of Sichuan peppercorns, known for their famous numbing quality when used in cooking. Ideal in cocktails like the Martinez.
— dashfirebitters.com

I had a chance to sample the bitters when I toured the 11 Wells "test kitchen" (located with the distillery in the old Hamm's brewery) and I was blown away by their unique taste.  You may already have bitters in your kitchen or bar at home... but you don't have these bitters.  I highly recommend picking some up, and trying them not only in the LP from Five Watt, but your Manhattan or Old Fashioned too.  Dashfire Bitters are sold locally in liquor stores, but also online through Amazon.com.