How To Tame Your Dragon

This recipe was developed by Mimi Le and Tyler Staples of Zen Box Izakaya, as part of the timed WCCO Iron Bartender 2016 challenge.  The secret ingredient of dragon fruit provided our bartenders with quite a challenge, as it's mushy texture and subtle flavor make it hard to highlight in a cocktail.

Here, a blend of tequilas -- reposado for complexity, and blanco for brightness -- meet muddled dragon fruit, a light apertif wine, and sweet balance from honey and grenadine.  The result is a breakfast-style cocktail that's light and refreshing on a hot day.



Muddle several slices of peeled dragon fruit in the bottom of a shaker. Add all ingredients, and shake over ice.  Double strain into a chilled coupe glass (to remove seeds); garnish with a thin wheel of dragon fruit and a few drops of Dashfire's Jerry Thomas Decanter Bitters.


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