Mike has been heard on networks and radio stations around the world, including the CBS Radio Network, SiriusXM POTUS, BBC Radio, KNX, WBZ and WCCO.

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Mike joins Wayne Cabot (WCBS-AM) and Patty Steele (WCBS-FM) for a discussion about The Case For Impeachment by author & professor Allan J. Lichtman.


When Keri Noble of Oake & Keri in the Morning went on her honeymoon, Mike got behind the mic for 4 hours as co-host with Brian Oake on Cities97 in Minneapolis.


A regular with Dave Lee in the morning on WCCO Radio, Mike is always ready with a quip or explanation.


Morning drive hosts Dick Helton and Vicky Moore call Mike to bust his chops about how cold it is in Minneapolis.


When snow in Minneapolis makes people in Boston feel lucky, WBZ calls on Mike to put things into perspective.