The launch of NOAA's GOES-S weather satellite on March 1, 2018 will double NOAA's field of view over the U.S., when the satellite becomes operational later in 2018. In this report, Mike explains how this high-definition view from 22,000 miles overhead will help forecasters to protect life and property, and why the return-on-investment is dollars on the penny.

Another year, another global temperature record.  Mike interviewed renown climate scientist Dr. Kevin Trenberth for some explanations as to what's been causing the heat, and what we can expect in the future.

When 2015 was named the hottest year on record, globally, Mike spoke with a NASA climate scientist to explain the role climate change played.

During the summer, Minnesota lake life comes alive.  Mike took advantage of the midwest's only opportunity to walk on water, and fly high above it, using a jetpack.

When the Minnesota Roller Girls announced they were kicking off their 2014-2015 season, Mike and his co-anchor Natalie Nyhus wanted to get an idea of just how tough these "girls" are.  Let's just say they're all tougher than Mike is.

After a 7-year battle with cancer, Mike's aunt died in 2013. One of her final wishes was to donate her body to science in an effort to help the future of medicine.  Intrigued by the idea, Mike turned his curiosity about the process into an enlightening story that helped spread the word about the University of Minnesota's Anatomy Bequest Program, the second-largest such program in the country.

Known as a fashion plate, and for his brightly colored socks, Mike helped his co-anchor and friend Natalie Nyhus highlight winter fashions for men, centered around comfy, cozy, stylish sweaters.

Mike took up arms for the first time in his life for this segment designed to highlight one of the lesser-known competitions of the summer Olympics: skeet shooting.

As the creator and associate producer of the Grannies on the Grammys segment, Mike won an Emmy Award for this segment that paired the real-life moms of WCCO's evening anchor and sportscaster for a pre-awards critique of the 2012 Grammy nominees.

In this video that was shown during the 2013 Upper Midwest Emmy ceremony Mike and co-anchor Natalie Nyhus instruct attendees on how to "properly" accept an Emmy.

Trying to find an agency that would accept donations of gently used men's work apparel led Mike to uncover the Ready For Success Program, which he then highlighted on WCCO This Morning.

Mike's passion for ripping science from the textbooks to apply it to real life extends to the lunch table in this segment, where he helps parents pack a lunch that is still safe by the time their kids open it at school.