Episode 002: Jesse Held

This guy ruined drinking in America for 13 years, and bartending in America for about 80 years.

Thankfully, people like Jesse Held are bringing back the craft cocktail as an art form.  In this episode we talk to the guy called "dad" by everyone in the Twin Cities restaurant and bar scene, and find out how he balances being a real dad with the long hours of mixing libations.



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Read more about the National Prohibition Act (also known as the Volstead Act) here.

Episode 001: Rick Nelson

When I asked the James Beard Award-winning food critic for the Minneapolis StarTribune to describe how he got into the business his answer was "I really have no business working for a major metropolitan newspaper; I didn't go to journalism school."  From eating his mother's "not great" cooking as a kid in Burnsville, to having been "in and out of 50 different penal institutions in 14 different states," the path to Rick Nelson's success wasn't a direct one.

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